Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still Not Writing on The Oil Disaster

What could I say that makes any difference?

I have already written about the lessons we should learn here: That the corporations should not be allowed to own oceans or land masses or seeds that have been around for centuries or clean drinking water, that the governments should stop kissing their asses at every possible turn, that ordinary people (aka little people) should wake up and start bearing some responsibility here, because the earth is not some free lunch plate of tasty shrimp and salmon (oh please do not show me those pictures of the animals) and so on.

In any case, anyone reading me is already well-informed, smart and doing all the right things (such as reading me). But we should all keep the pressure on the powers-that-be. As my first proposal, I recommend community service as the proper punishment for the BP executives. Among the little people of Louisiana. And cleaning birds. And watching over the dying animals. That's a good start.

The rest of us can get serious about conservation and alternative energies, and I mean serious.

And let's start discussing the optimal population size again. I know it is completely out of the fashion, what with those scary uppity women refusing to breed enough to keep the white race triumphant, and I also know that it is out of fashion even among feminists. But I do not believe that human beings will ever accept the idea of permanent poverty as a lifestyle, and if we are all to have the Good Life while leaving space for animals and plants, too, we need to seriously talk about birth control. Either that or get ready for the energy wars of the future.