Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Manna From Heaven

This has turned out to be a week of philosophical musings for me. I will try to do much better next week because I'm going to have a fund drive. The plan is to do what the public television stations do: Figure out the demographics of who might have some spare change under the sofa cushions and then write only on stuff which appeals to that group!


I might have to delay that fund drive a little. At least until we feminazis are ruling over everything and there's plenty of money to finance this little blog. I think I deserve a genius grant from that McArthur Foundation or whatever its name is, and here's the reason: I'm the only goddess who writes to you regularly, as in Now And Here. Not two thousand years ago or so. Doesn't that show some brain power, hmh?

My deepest thanks to all who do send me money. You are wonderful people and get to be priestesses and priests in Echidneism, with your own tax-deductible temples (shaped like the ouroboros). Equally deep thanks to all those who would send me money had they any. The thought does count.