Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today's Rant

If I had earned a cent for each word in all those very careful and moderate "letters to the editors"/"correction to your article, dear professor" letters I have written in the last five years I'd be one rich goddess. Humongously rich.

And that is why I wonder if anyone ever reads them. They rarely publish them, anyway, never answer me, and I imagine some overworked intern going through them as if she or he was skateboarding. That's most likely the reality.

Much of our pretense "discussions" in the media are just that: Pretense. What actually is published depends on who has the most power and money, and almost all of it is brought down to the lowest common denomination which is emotion. Or dreck.

Next time I get angry enough to pen one of those missives I will stop, take ten calm breaths and then send boils and worms to whoever made me angry. Probably equally useful.