Thursday, January 14, 2010

So I'm Tidying Up The House

You know, basic putting-things-back stuff. I want to return a book to the living-room shelves which are heavily packed and behind a table sitting by the sofa. But to save time I also make myself a large mug of coffee to take back to my study afterwards.

There is nowhere to put the mug while struggling with the other books to make enough space for the one I am returning except the end table by the sofa. The mug goes there. Then I remember the varnish on the table is worn away and there would be RINGS! I quickly grab up the mug, the coffee flies and much of it hits the white linen pillow on the sofa.

The coffee is slowly dripping towards the other white linen pillow, behind the now-coffeed one, and I grab the top pillow with my right hand (the left one is still holding the bookcase vertical) and throw it blindly behind me, so as to save the still-virginal one.

I hear a crash. It's the vase on the coffee table in front of the sofa. It had water in it. Water everywhere!

I drop everything else and rush towards the kitchen for kitchen towels. I slip in the water now on the floor and fall on my butt. No harm done, really.