Monday, January 11, 2010

I'd Like That In Size Eight And Pink, Please

I once wrote about the odd way ideas often become commodities in this country (having to do with this post), something to be purchased or not, something which is expected to work and if it does not then we should get our money back. This is not wholly wrong, either, especially when it comes to judging the results of people who actually get paid to work on behalf of some idea because you can fire them, assuming that a sufficient number of others agree with you.

But it's a bad way of relating to an ideology. A really bad way: it breeds both passivity and a certain kind of permission not to learn what the ideology really means.

A better one would be to see all of us working together to make the world we would like to live in. Then none of us would be a disgruntled consumer.

Well, a goddess can dream.