Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Postcard From Wingnuttia

I spent a few hours cleaning my kitchen trash bin (aren't you glad I shared that?) and the fridge and while doing that I listened to right-wing talk radio. Now that was fun.

Honest, try it sometimes (well, at least listening to the talk radio). The last program, for instance, started with a piece about how the Black Political Caucus is behind the takeover of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. Then there was stuff about how John Kerry never checked the boxes on his tax forms which would have made him pay more taxes, and then you could vote on the day's illegal immigrant quiz.

Earlier I heard Rush Limbaugh. YES! My future husband, Rush Limbaugh (he's gonna marry me because I will be the last woman in the world who'd have him and I'm hungry). He repeated that old joke about feminism being a social movement for ugly women who otherwise cannot thrive in this society, so either I was listening to an old show or his feminist principles have shed off him faster than -- well, you know what. And yes, of course Rush is a handsome hottie. We all know that.

It's really a whole other reality, the one in which those right-wing radio shows exist. But lots of people live in that one.