Sunday, September 14, 2008

Interior Monologue of the Conscious: While Stacking Wood With The Radio On by Anthony McCarthy

Why not Romeo and Juliette in a New York tough guy accent? They’re just a bunch of thugs talking in iambic verse. What else is the play about but two gangs of street toughs? Wonder what C would say if she heard me said that? She’s the one who brought up the “Shakespear question”. All I said is that the evidence for any of the attributions was flimsy. Didn’t even mention Oxford. Doubt the Bard of Avon bilge and you’ve immediately put yourself beyond the pale of respectability. Couldn’t say anything right after that. Well, it was all of them, really. It finally got off that damned board.

All’s Well that Ends Well in a Down East accent, now that might work too. No, West Paris. Yeah, West Paris.


I’d have voted to give the Oscar to “Crash” too. Better movie than the horse opera. Dumb thing. Hall Mark Theater. Wonder what would happen if I said that?