Saturday, March 22, 2008

Notes From My Unofficial Nielsen Diary by Anthony McCarthy

It wasn’t a question but the answer was if someone threw a handful of quarters into a cess pool I wouldn’t fish them out. I certainly wouldn’t pay for the privilege to try. And that was the answer to my brother-in-law’s assertion that I should get cable to watch Keith Olbermann. If it had been a game of Jeopardy the category would be Self-Defeating Mental Habits of the Left.

If you’ve never before met someone who had “become a member of the Nielsen Family” you have now. I agreed to fill out the thing for one reason only.... well other than the fact that the poor telemarketer sounded so tired yesterday, I’m going to find every single listing on all three of the public TV stations in my area for Bill Moyers Journal and claim to have watched it. Since it’s about the only TV program I’ve seen recently worth remembering after the credits start rolling, it won’t be so far from the truth.

Any others I should add a scintilla of support to?

As for cable , if someone had a gun pointed at the head of the entire cable spectrum and was holding it to hostage to prevent advances in healthcare, environmental protection, public transportation or any of the other items in the real agenda of the real left , I’d have to say, sorry Ted you’re going to have to take the bullet. You can throw in satellite too. I’ll expand on that thought later.