Monday, March 17, 2008

The Click?

The click is that moment when a woman (or I guess it could be a man, too) suddenly realizes, on that deep emotional and spiritual level, that the world does not treat women equally and fairly. A recent piece suggests that the discussion of Eliot Spitzer's sex life and the way blame was sought in the presumed behavior of his wife may have been such a click experience for some:

Younger women, for their part, are starting to have what Ms. Goldberg calls "the aha moment" — even if it doesn't put them in Mrs. Clinton's column, as some of the welter of commentary last week found.
"Like lots of other twentysomething women, I've been an unswerving Obama girl from the get-go," wrote Noreen Malone on The XX Factor, the Slate magazine blog written by women. "Oddly enough it's taken Spitzergate — not Hillary's tears, not her scolding — to make me less dismissive of the feminist 'obligation' to vote for a woman."
It reminded her of a depressing bit of wisdom passed on by a friend's father: "The most powerful people in the world are old white men and pretty young women."
"During my supposedly post-feminist lifetime, the women who've created the biggest stir are the young women who've ruined the careers of powerful old men," she wrote. "I'm not saying I'm for Hillary now, and I'm not saying that Hillary's history with sexual peccadilloes is uncomplicated, but it certainly makes me appreciate the fact that she's learned other ways of manipulating power."

I'm not sure if the Spitzer scandal offers an opportunity for the click (a very painful moment, by the way), but if it does for some I'm happy that the society has advanced so much that something fairly subtle in the scheme of things could make you click.

I regret that the topic of that piece is about who to vote for, because that is not the part I wanted to discuss. It was the click. Click!