Monday, January 28, 2008

Today's Idle Thoughts

When I was a very small goddess I used to dream about Superwoman skills: to be able to fly, to be invisible when desirable and to be able to split into several clones at will. In some ways the Internet allows the last two options. You can play a game, read a blog and pretend to work, all at the same time! You can also have different personalities for each of those tasks, and with the exception of the work task, you can pretend to be some other race, gender or age than your meatspace specifications allow. Or you may just lurk, invisible and menacing (just kidding about that).

It's really quite fun. And then there's the ability to "reverse time" on the net, to go backwards in your choices and to choose a different branch, a branch you already rejected in the past. We live in a very primitive version of the world of many science fiction books, dudes.

The next stage might be to leave the actual body in some barrel of nutritious liquids and to let the spirit soar?

No. That would never work, because our bodies are as much a part of us as our minds.