Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Question on the Florida Primaries

Is this: Shouldn't the talking heads interpret the Florida results (or at least the early exit polls) as a defeat of fundamentalism (Huckabee)? After all, they have been busy interpreting all Democratic results as being about either race or gender (of which white guys have neither). It looks to me as if there is a very good plotline here about how fundamentalism has been rejected by the conservatives and what that might mean. And yes, I know that my argument makes little sense but then so do the plotlines about the Democratic primaries.

This could be my own bias, but I really think the traditional media is treating the Republican candidates with kid gloves while throwing darts at the Democratic candidates. And yes, there is a lot of free-floating hatred of Hillary Clinton among the journalists.

Speaking of that, I listened to the On Point program last night. It was an uninterrupted bash-Hillary party. But the most revealing moment came when someone asked whether a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket was a possible winner. One of the experts on the show said that this wouldn't do because it would imply too much change.

Funny that. I thought this election was all about new winds blowing and change. But not when it comes to gender AND race, I guess.