Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Dog Blogging With A Surprise Guest

This is Doug's dog. A happy Lab whose name I can't recall right now.

Henrietta has had her semiannual physical, semiannual because of her great age. She's fine. Very fine, considering her age. Except for the little question of the six pounds she has gained during the last six months. Yes, I know that this is more than a ten percent increase in her weight, and, yes, I feel guilty. But I couldn't give Hank treats without giving them to Henrietta, too, and Hank had to get any treats she wanted, because there wasn't much time to give her treats. And then Henrietta was depressed and I was depressed and the exercize got played down in our lives.

But a new dawn has risen, a dawn of slim meals and vigorous walking and lots of scrounging activity in rubbish bins (not by me) and lots of desperate eye pleadings for more treats (not by me) and lots of guilt feelings (by me). In short, Henrietta is on a diet. Not a very stringent one because of her age, but a diet nevertheless. - She's already much more active, looking for food.