Thursday, July 06, 2006

What To Write...

It's one of those days. No one topic raises its hand to tickle my fancy, and the divorce piece on wingnuttia is not ready for unveiling or deveining or whatever it is one does to blog posts. It would be nice if my muse Erato (a guy; no kin to the other Erato) came back from his most recent soul-searching trip to tell me what to write. He'd probably suggest something like suckjobs which would be the reverse of blowjobs and how to give one without sounding like emitting farts and so on. He's a troublesome muse but I don't want anyone to rid me of him, because then I'd get something even worse, probably. The universe tends to give me the bargain-basement gifts.

That's why I blog. These quotes are from a Boston Globe article on blogging:

``The blogosphere has always been mainly about scrutinizing everybody else and expressing violent opinions about them," said Alex S. Jones , director of Harvard's Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy. ``Kos is a very powerful blog, so in that sense it's taken on the vulnerability of one of the [political] leaders."


And Franklin Foer, editor of The New Republic, said he was not impressed with the Daily Kos crowd.

``The liberal blogosphere are a group of people who feel incredibly disenfranchised. They feel their country's been hijacked and they're essentially powerless and the only way to stop it is to scream as loudly as you can," Foer said.

Imagine that I would have had to pay at least a hundred dollars per hour to get equally concise diagnoses from a shrink. Isn't the internet wonderful?

Notice the hierarchical thinking in the criticisms of the blogs? It's all about Markos of the Daily Kos, because he is BIG. The establishment media just can't wrap their brains around the idea that there are millions of blogs with millions of ideas and that nobody really gets any marching orders from Markos. The criticisms are an attempt to put a framework of traditional politics and reporting on the blogs and it doesn't really fit. So they take out the long, sharp scissors and cut out everything that stays outside the framework.

Not that I really care. I'm more worried about the changes that will come when the big communication companies decide which blogs load fast and which don't load at all.
A postscript: Check out this Tom Tomorrow cartoon.