Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dog News

Much gnashing of the teeth and wailing today, because I finally threw out the Beloved Lumpy Dog Bed. It was totally disgusting and yucky, but it's the one Henrietta the Hound loved best. By the way, she has several dog beds.

The Lumpy Dog Bed could no longer be made clean. It may have been green originally, but for some years now it has been an exact color and hair match to Henrietta herself: black with white areas and the white areas have black dots. It's not that it wasn't cleaned. I did wash it occasionally, and then called in the washing machine repairguy. To take out the doghair so that the machine would work again.

The insides of the bed, supposed to be fluffy, had recently decided to create three separate spheres or lumps. Every night Henrietta would attack them furiously, pushing and pulling and biting to make the lumps into fluffiness. Then she would give up and arrange herself to sleep around the lumps. This morning I looked at her sleeping and all I saw was her butt aimed towards the ceiling. The rest of her was hidden inbetween the lumps.

So it was time for the bed to go. A brand new (sort of) and clean (sort of) bed has taken its place. But Henrietta keeps walking around the house and crying, looking for the Old Lumpy. I'm not giving in to her. She's already ruling the roost too much and my interior decorating has suffered too long.