Sunday, November 14, 2004


Surfing the internet hasn't unearthed anything that wouldn't be deeply depressing or anger-causing or boring as a topic on which I want to blog. It's Sunday and I don't want to blog any more misery today. Instead, I'm trying to find something I could quiz you on that would be fun and that would also make me famous (or famous among others than snakes). Here's some possible ideas:

1. Who is your favorite wingnut in the media? Whom do you love to despise? Why?

2. Based on your experience, which places are bad ideas for some sweet sex?

3. Why should Echidneism be the state religion of the United States? Any disadvantages to this proposition?

Example answers:

1. This is a hard one. There's so many to choose from, but Rush Lintball is the arch-wingnut of them all. He's personally responsible for at least 30% of the misinformation of Americans and about 60% of the current right-wing hatred towards us liberal elitists. He's probably a thoroughly evil man.

2. How about on a secluded beach when there just happens to be a fishing competition that you didn't know about?

3. Because it is the literal truth. You can read it in the book I'm going to write, and it's going to be literally what a goddess says. How much better could things be? There will be free chocolate ice-cream and kindness everywhere, and lots and lots of laughter. The only disadvantage is in me having to wear some sort of a bishop's mitre and other religious gear, and I don't look good
in those kinds of clothes.