Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Not Your Mother's Vulva

Sometimes I learn more than I ever wanted to know. This is a good example of what I mean: vaginal plastic surgery is on the increase!
This is something that used to be pretty much limited to sex workers, but now that porn is everywhere it seems that all women are sort of like sex workers: must look pretty down there, because he might make comparisons to his favorite one-handed websites.

Listen to this:

--She was 20 years old and had never contemplated plastic surgery. But one day at the gym, the pretty, smooth-faced receptionist in a Los Angeles doctor's office looked at her vagina and noticed that her inner vaginal labia stuck out past her outer labia. She was horrified.
"I looked in like, those magazines, and saw that inner labia shouldn't stick out like mine did," said Crystal, who requested her last name be withheld. "So I had a labiaplasty and now I love the way I look; nice and neat and new. My vagina looks perfect."

Gee. It seems that inner vaginal labia that stick out is a no-no. They are regarded as old-looking, and so women who wish to be hot should have someone clip out the protruding bits. All good now!

And this is a really sad story:

Ileana Vasquez is a 29 year-old Southern California housewife with four children. She read about vaginal rejuvenation after she saw an ad in a magazine. Her marriage was in trouble and she noted that her husband wasn't happy with her sexually.
"One time he had a few beers and told me that because I had all our kids and was looser now he didn't want me as a woman anymore," Vasquez said. "He did say he was sorry later on but I knew he was telling the truth."
Vasquez had the surgery and she noted her marriage is back on track and her sex life is good again. "He's become my sweetheart again," she said. "He bought me a house and he wants me all the time."
Then she paused. "But there are times I still can't forgive him for how he made me feel," she said. "Sometimes I get so mad, so hurt. I mean I had the kids, he should have understood."

Maybe Ms. Vasquez should have asked Mr. Vasquez to have some penis-fattening surgery instead?

This is just the latest (and saddest) instalment of the eternal quest for perfection in women, or, if you like, the quest of goodness. The culture tells us that women should be good, and being beautiful is part of being good. The really sad bit is that nothing will suffice; if your vagina is now all tight like a drum, your anus is probably sagging already. And so on.