Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm Ba-a-a-ack!

The traffic today was worse than in Istanbul, Turkey or Paris, France, so I'm feeling pretty chuffed right now! However, I have had some glitches in my computer and the doggie pictures will be delayed a little.

Henrietta, Hank and the snakes are all fine, though. I'm going to have a big Thanksgiving party for goddesses and gods, and housecleaning is supposed to have started two days ago, but I'm giving myself little reprieves here and there, so I haven't actually started yet. I detest housecleaning!!! The vacuum cleaner bag came loose and the dog hair was everywhere.

Not that the divines care about immaterial things like that, but I have lived too long among humans who measure women's value by how clean their houses are, and it's hard to let oneself drift in the sea of doghairs and snake scales as one should. In my own defense, I have already stocked up on nectar and munchies and the Snakepit Inc. is too dark to see dirt very well. We are most likely to have a wonderful time anyway, especially if we manage to keep Aphrodite off the booze. The guest list is long and impressive and I'll tell you more about it afterwards, but the rumor is that Ares is coming! I wonder if he remembers the little hanky-panky a couple of millennia ago? This could turn out fun.

I don't feel like blogging about politics very much. The American political scene right now looks and sounds just like something from Godfather, and most days I feel as if something heavy has rolled over me and the hospitals were all closed because of government budget cuts. It doesn't matter very much what I say, to be honest, just as it doesn't seem to matter very much what any of us might say. This, too, will pass, but in the meantime I have to blog with gritted teeth.