Saturday, May 06, 2017

Today's Deep Thought: Class Warfare.

We don't call it a class war when the rich are winning, and that is what's happening right now.

Our Dear Leader and his administration have been busy moving money upward in the income distribution, both with explicit tax cuts tailored to benefit the top one percent the most,  and by the killing of the Affordable Care Act which was funded by an extra tax on the top earning classes.  That tax money now returns to its rightful home pockets.

Keep an eye on what the Republicans in the Congress prioritize, too.  You are going to find that almost everything, with the exception of gifts given to the fundamentalist patriarchs in exchange for their votes, is about moving money up the distribution, either directly or through the killing of those regulations which make such shifts harder in the marketplace.

The Republicans always move money up the distribution, true.  But the current income inequality levels in the United States are already deemed unacceptably high by most Americans.  Yet the progress toward a Banana Republic continues...