Monday, May 01, 2017

Even More Trump Pressies to Women: Teresa Manning

Meet Teresa Manning, the new deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services:

Donald Trump has reportedly appointed to a position overseeing the US’s family planning safety net a law professor who once stated that “contraception doesn’t work” and “family planning is something that occurs between a husband and a wife and God, and it doesn’t really involve the federal government.”

This is a gift to the fundamentalists who voted for a serial adulterer who talks about pussy-grabbing, not exactly the kind of man who follows in Jesus's foot steps, right?  And not much of a Christian, altogether.

But the fundamentalists want to control women, and Trump is willing to let Pence's little Christianist sheep have at it.  The way to get women under control is to deprive them of any real chance of controlling their own fertility.

But from another angle Manning's appointment is nothing new:  The tradition, at least since Ronald Reagan, is to set the foxes to guard the hen houses by appointing those who detest the job of some department to run it. 

Hence Manning, someone who doesn't believe in family planning, doesn't believe that contraceptives work and doesn't believe that the federal government should have any function in influencing the number of unplanned pregnancies.

Manning doesn't mention which god she wants to be present at our bedrooms.  If Zeus turned up to advise me on sex I'd tear him to pieces and feed the pieces to swans and cows.