Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Greetings from Yurp

I forgot to put up the usual gone-to-the-beach post, to let you know  that  I'm on vacation.  This time I'm going to write a few posts every week, tho I also prepared a lot of posts for you in July*, just in case I actually go to the beach!

Anyway, here are my first Finnish impressions**:

The sky is very very blue, the clouds are fat three-dimensional sheep, and what's a heatwave here requires a woolen sweater.

Lots of dads out alone with their kids***, running errands, doing the grocery shopping or just having fun.  The difference is significant compared to my usual US location (where dads-with-kids is a weekend phenomenon), and it's probably a cultural difference.

More women delivering heavy parcels to shops, more women driving buses and trucks.  Another cultural difference.

More people, including old people, on bikes everywhere.

Salty liquorice.  I've missed it, though you might not.


* This is so that you won't desert me!  I am very insecure.  Also, most of the stuff is pretty good.
** The kind which might be of interest to my sweet and erudite readers.  I haven't had time to learn much about the local politics yet.
*** Unless they are those Swedish male nannies.