Thursday, August 06, 2015

From My Classics Archives: The Day of Retribution. On Elliot Rodger, the Butcher of Santa Barbara

(This mini-series of classics covers a few of my recent long posts, the ones that required a lot of hard work.  Each of them is of value about the individual phenomenon it covers, but I hope that each of them is also of value in a more general sense. 

As an example, I wrote about the murders Elliot Rodger committed as an example of how misogyny intertwines with potential mental illness and how various Internet sites might support those misogynistic attitudes, thus making future massacres more likely.  Thus, the post teaches us something about how misogyny is seeded, watered and tended and what its flowers might look like.  But the basic principles can be applied to white supremacist sites, ISIS sites and so on.)

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