Friday, May 08, 2015

Deep Thoughts for Today

Especially for online debates:

Never quitting an argument does not equal having won.

On learning Dragon Dictate (a speech recognition system I bought to get around that broken humerus):

Text that I read:

Testing Dragon Dictate by Echidne.  This is unedited.

How Dragon heard it first time:

Testing Dragon dictate by A Kidman. These is on anything

And second time:

Testing Dragon Dictate by a kidney. Base is on 18

And third time:

Testing Dragon Dictate by ECH I D and E. Base is on NDT

I'm enjoying chatting to the Dragon!

On the Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theories which are wild in Texas:

Remember that this is the state which has exorbitant influence on the textbooks for US schools.

If I were located in another galaxy I'd have lots of fun with this juxtaposition.