Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Blog-Keeping Post

When is the best time for my annual fund-drive (aka begging)?  That is really asking when you (sweet, erudite and generous readers) have the most money I can wheedle off you.

Without a better answer, I'm going to declare next week for that unpleasant (for you) but necessary (for me) task.  Or you can give now or later.  If affording it is hard, do not worry.  I value all my readers.  But this blog doesn't come completely free, even if I assigned my own labor zero value.

I'd also like to remind you all of my ISIS-and-women series, what with this argument I just heard on Twitter about how Western feminazis want jazz hands but are silent about the Yazidi women.  The series still lacks the final post, but the others are linked to at the bottom of this introductory post.  Including the one about  the Yazidi girls and women.