Thursday, November 13, 2014

Speed Posting Thu 11/13/14: Living While Female in China, India and El Salvador

In China employment discrimination against women sounds a bit like the US of 1960s.  There may be laws against it but the cultural norms don't find that much wrong with it.  Still, this article suggests that times they might be a-changing. 

On the other hand, removing the one-child policy could have complicated effects on the goal of gender-equality:  More women are expected to take more time off from the labor market, which makes them less desirable employees, and the valuation of daughters might go down when fewer people don't have to stop at the one daughter but can keep on trying for the sun son.

On the third hand, the linked article suggests that feminist awareness is rising among the young women in China!

In India, at least eight women have died after sterilizations.  Tainted drugs are suspected.  The government offers sterilizations at no cost to the patients, as a way of combating India's population growth.  But here's the bit which is worth noting:

About 37% of Indian women have undergone sterilization procedures, the highest rate in the world, compared with 1% of Indian men. Karat said state and local governments opt for the surgeries instead of educating women — most of whom are uneducated — about other contraceptive measures.

Can that 37% figure be right?  Even if it isn't, the difference between the male and female figures probably is roughly correct.  When you consider the fact that female sterilization is a more invasive procedure than male vasectomy...

Of course tainted medications could have killed patients of either sex.  The point is that the risk, on average, is considerably greater for women than men when it comes to sterilization.

In El Salvador abortions are illegal for any reason.  Combine that with a culture which views a pregnant unmarried woman as a slut, to be shunned, and you get this:

El Salvador's ban on abortion is driving hundreds of girls who become pregnant after being raped to commit suicide every year because they see no other option, a government official said.
Teenage pregnancy is one of the leading causes of suicide in the Central American country of 6 million people. Three out of eight maternal deaths in El Salvador are the result of suicide among pregnant girls under 19, latest government figures show.
Read the linked article to spot the role of the Catholic church in all that.  Then think about the fact that the extreme fringe of American forced-birthers want to copy the laws and culture of El Salvador.