Monday, November 10, 2014

Eleven Years. An Anniversary Post.

My Beloved Readers,

Eleven years is an elegant number, beginning with an elegant letter and very suitable for this middle-of-the-road gateway blog to feminazism and other horrors.

It's the eleventh birthday of this blog.  I'm out of my mind to do something like this for eleven years, but then you knew that already.  Is there going to be cake?  But of course!  It's going to be made out of chocolate, with whipped cream filling, and the decorations on top will be marzipan mice and chocolate snakes chasing them.

Thank you, my erudite and kind readers for these years or whatever snippets of them we have shared.

The next week or two will contain some posts that I've thought about for a long time or researched for a long time.  Anniversary posts. Some of them are like prey for those predators whose yellow eyes you see glittering under the dark online trees.  Some of them are just the usual boring stuff, but I hope one or two will also be fun.