Friday, February 14, 2014

Twisted Valentines

Send this to all those who stay up late at night, staring into the ceiling because of the fear of false rape accusations.

The Valentines Janet Yellen (the first female head of the Federal Reserve) got.  These are wonky ones.

Pickup Artists do not send Valentines for the same reason I don't send Valentines to a plate of food in front of me.  Or perhaps for the reason that one side in a war doesn't send Valentines to the other side.  This is very sad.

Are those who sell the weapons used in Syria and elsewhere sending Valentines to violence?  The way arms are traded and the way they are later used should make lots of people stay awake at night, and not because of the great business deals.

Tom Perkins loves dollars.    He wants every dollar to have one vote in politics!  We are almost there, of course, given the way American politics are financed.

Internet trolling might be just about loving the pain of others.  (Pedant rears her head:  The study suffers from selection bias, however).   But I do love those who do the nasty work of moderating comments.  That protects us from some of the most twisted hate messages.

Is that twisted enough for you?  Now I feel guilty for trying to mess up this wonderful day of sugary sweet love and friendship.

Roses are read
Violets are blue
After all I have said
I do love you.