Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Most Hilarious Cadillac Ad

This one.

It tells us why Murkans don't want a month's vacation, like people in other similar countries have.  It tells us why it's OK to forgo seeing your family for 24/7work.

It's because only in Murka can you afford to buy the Cadillac that is advertized!  Well, you also get to have a fantastic house and pool and so on.  But what really drives you in this system is the Cadillac.  That's what life is for all Murkans...

I enjoyed watching the ad.  It's so very upside-down.  You lose two weeks of vacation in August and what do you get for that?  Lots of money and a Cadillac.  A good deal, eh?  A deal we have all made?

Duh.  The ad doesn't say anything at all about those other Murkans, the majority,  the ones who don't earn very much, the ones who struggle to keep their jobs in these shitty labor markets (imagine asking for more time off!).   Those Murkans, too, lose their vacations (compared to other countries) and get very little in return.  Just have a look at the income inequality data. 

And I get that Cadillac talks to the top earners.  But this is the first time I have seen a justification of the problems in the US labor market benefits from the angle that it can be defended by what the winners might feel. 

It's not clear if the man in the ad is a worker or a capitalist.  If he is the latter, of course he would be opposed to giving all workers federally decreed annual vacations.  In either case, the ad is an ode to income inequality and savage labor markets.