Monday, July 01, 2013

Speed-Blogging July 1, 2013: That War on Women And SImilar Stuff

Ohio Governor John Kasich proudly signs into a law new abortion restrictions:

The provisions in Ohio will make it more difficult for family planning groups to receive funding for preventive care; require ultrasounds for anyone seeking an abortion; and limit abortion providers’ ability to get transfer agreements with public hospitals.

Here's a picture of the general budget signing though it could be about the signing of that abortion law.  In any case, the global feminist conspiracy which runs the world, according to some MRA sites, is sorely missing in Ohio:

In Texas, however, some women and men are fighting back against Governor Rick Perry's desire to get similar abortion restrictions into place.

Picture credit.

I wonder how many fetal aquaria that picture contains?  Must get them under control.

In Egypt, one sheikh explains to us why female genital mutilation is necessary:

Female genital mutilation was made illegal in Egypt in 2008 but is still very widely practiced. Some estimates suggest over 75% of women, Muslim and Christian, still have had the procedure in some areas of the country.
Debate on the subject has re-opened after the recent death of a 13-year-old girl while having the operation. Studies have also documented cases of serious health and psychological complications.
Sheikh Yussef al-Badri is one of Egypt's biggest advocates for what he refers to as female circumcision, and has petitioned the country's courts to make it legal again.
He told Aleem Maqbool that it removed a woman's "need for man".
You can watch a video on the linked site.  The solution to control female lust is to cut that lust out, the solution to control male lust is early marriage.  That the men would be married to women who don't get any enjoyment from sex appears a trifle.

This speech about sexual abuse in the Australian army is a couple of weeks old but it's very much worth watching.   Thanks to WP for the link.

Finally, the reviews of these women's running shoes, worn by Senator Davis for her filibuster,  are  hilarious.