Wednesday, July 03, 2013

On Abortion, July 3, 2013

Florida is eagerly joining Texas, Ohio and other Republican-run states in  the abortion wars.  The idea is to ban abortions after twenty weeks of pregnancy, even though a small percentage of abortions  (1.5%) takes place after that point in time and even though that percentage includes essentially all the ones where either fetal abnormality or serious health concerns for the woman make continuing the pregnancy very difficult.

I've been watching this stuff unfolding with some horror.  What we learn about how those Republicans view women chills my heart.  In North Carolina strict abortion measures were tacked onto an anti-sharia bill at the very last minute, tho forced-birthers knew about them earlier!  The bitter humor of doing that in the context of sharia (which wouldn't exactly give women abortion rites) probably flew right over the heads of the politicians who were doing that.

In other views, a very large number of those regretting their abortions seem to be men.