Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Second Day of My Fund Drive

I love this cartoonist.  I'm glad that she is recovering from her depression.  While you are at her site, check out the story about dogs.  Anyone who has lived with dogs finds much that is familiar in it.

What she writes about her anger waking up first, from that numb desert of depression,  can also apply to social awareness.  Those of us who have been asleep and then have to wake up (perhaps because something crashes into our lives like a meteorite) often do so extremely angry. 

That is a passing stage, a painful stage and a stage which requires careful managing so that innocent people don't become the objects of that rage.  But the rage itself can be a healthy sign and over time it settles into just one part of a useful purring engine, turning up only when it can be called righteous and even then somewhat sweetened by compassion and even logic.  Well, mostly.

Instructions on how to hand over your precious coins are in the left column.