Friday, May 10, 2013

Interesting Stuff For Friday: Oppressed Men, Zombies and Paul Ryan's Views on Hillary Clinton

First, men are terribly oppressed in the UK, too:

It is official: men are an oppressed minority these days. Despite an entire human history’s-worth of cultural dominance, in the few short generations since women got the vote, feminism has spoiled it for everyone, and women have full, unnatural dominance.
You don’t believe me? Consider this: who dies more often in wars, men or women? Which sex has the shorter life expectancy? Who has to make all the alimony payments? And who, most of all, has to leave a sinking cruise ship in last place? If you answered ‘men’ (poor, browbeaten men) to all of these, you’d be right, though these examples only scratch the surface of the systemic inequities men are forced to face each and every day.

The original patriarchy-based system does treat the men on the bottom rungs badly, of course, and the traditional gender-division in household chores and child-rearing has negative sides for men, too, sides which are revealed at divorce (and which feminists have tried to change!)  But so many of the MRA sites simply slip-and-side into open misogyny that everything else they say falls by the wayside. 

The idea that us feminazis are running the world is just so funny.  Like yesterday I influenced the Benghazi hearings and meddled with the war in Syria and decided which movies Hollywood should make next.  Then I went out and made all custody courts decide against fathers.  To top off the day, I created beer ads which make men come across as permanently infantile teenagers. 

And that Titanic reference is something the MRA sites always discuss:  That men on the Titanic died in larger numbers than the women means that women should nowhere get equal rights.  Of course the Titanic appears to have been an exception among shipwrecks. 

It's all very interesting and very sad.  Wouldn't it have been great if those MRAs had joined forces with feminists to get rid of the bits of the gendered system they so dislike? 

Second, a company sells a female zombie which spews fake blood when shot.  But they also sell male zombies which spew fake blood when shot.  There's a much bigger problem with that company than the fact that one of the zombies is female. 

I don't get people who like to pretend they are doing real killing that way.  If there's anything sexist about that story it is the story linked to the mannequin to explain why she became a zombie and the fact that she is the sole female mannequin and thus, by definition, tends to stand for all women in that bizarre warped horror show.  Not that I want the company to have more blood-spewing zombie mannequins, of course.

Third, to what extent is the whole Benghazi craze about trying to cut Hillary Clinton's wings so that she won't run for the presidency in 2016?  Opinions differ on that, as they say.  But:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) argued Friday that the Hillary Clinton's failure to send extra security to the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya ahead of last September's attacks make her unsuited to hold higher office.
"The new evidence we have today — and that continues to mount — suggests that at the very least, Mrs. Clinton should never hold high office again," Paul wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Times.