Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Never Stops Not-Learning

Especially if one is a very stubborn one.   Which I am.

I have an old back injury which makes lifting very heavy objects inadvisable.  Except I keep thinking that perhaps this time it won't hurt.

I've been spring-cleaning...

Also, it's not very smart to think that this time the painters won't have painted the ancient sash windows shut.  They always do.  So I spring-clean armed with a hammer, chisels, razor blades and safety-glasses.  To allow that monkey-dangling outside second floor windows which is necessary for washing them on the outside!

And Mariella the spider lost her extensive palace in the corner of my study.  I feel bad but she was allowed to spend there the whole long winter while I kept clicking away.

But the Snakepit Inc. is beginning to look rather bright.  Let's hope it makes my posts brighter, too.

Oh, and this is getting-at-your-money time, so if you haven't paid for the pleasure of being here yet, please do.