Monday, May 14, 2012

And in Wisconsin, the Nazgûl Governor Still Rules

More Nazgûl news about Scott Walker, the ringwraith governor of Wisconsin:
In Waukesha County, Walker also dismissed calls by Democratic Party of Wisconsin that the governor provide details on why he set up a criminal defense fund as part of the ongoing John Doe investigation of Walker's aides while he was county executive.
"Gov. Walker is the only governor in this nation who has a criminal defense fund. The only governor. And he is stonewalling this state and he is stonewalling the media by refusing time and time again to answer who's paying the tens of thousands of dollars in a legal-defense fund for himself, and I don't know who else he is paying for."
The linked article also talks about the terrible unemployment record of governor Walker's rule in Wisconsin.  I think the money comes from Sauron.  But what do I know.