Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today's Action Alert: Bei Bei Shuai

First read Katha Pollitt's column on Bei Bei Shuai if you are not familiar with her case. Then act. You can use Twitter and Facebook as Katha points out at the end of her column and you can sign this petition.

From Katha's piece:

“These laws say there’s one law for pregnant women and another for everyone else,” says Linda Pence, the energetic Indiana lawyer representing Shuai. “For everyone else suicide is a mental health issue. For a pregnant woman, it’s a crime. That’s a violation of women’s constitutional right to equal treatment under the law.” If Shuai is convicted, Pence notes a further paradox: “If you’re two months pregnant and try to commit suicide, you can be charged with feticide, even though you could have a legal abortion.” Although maybe not for long.