Saturday, March 17, 2012

From The Wingnut Legislators Files

Have you ever wondered what wingnut legislators might really think about us wimminfolk? You know, in general?

Duh. But I'm still going to post a few things I collected in the last week or so.

Here's something from the great state of Wisconsin:
A thoughtful, sensitive male Wisconsin legislator has proclaimed that he is against divorce under all circumstances — even spousal abuse. And he's got a message to all those ladies out there getting the shit beaten out of them by their husbands: remember the good times, back before things took an abusive turn, and maybe you'll fall in love again. There, isn't that better? Now, chin up, and go back out into that awful marriage of yours like a champ.
The obtuse anti divorce champion is Republican Don Pridemore. And this isn't the first time the Heartless Cheesehead has acted in a manner most unbecoming.
This is an absolute pearl thrown before us swine, from the great state of Georgia:

Rep. Terry England compares women to cows, pigs and chickens. from Bryan Long on Vimeo.

The Republican lawmaker Terry England used those informative animal comparisons when advocating that dead fetuses should be carried to term:
England was speaking on the floor of the Georgia legislature in favor of HB 954, a bill which makes it illegal to obtain an abortion after 20 weeks, which is fine for him to take that stance and many people would even agree with that. However, he was pushing for that law to also apply to women who are carrying a stillborn fetus or one that is likely to die before it reaches term, making it illegal for women to have the dead fetus removed until their bodies do so naturally.
In comparison the Pennsylvania governor's advice to abortion seekers who don't want additional ultrasounds for no medical reasons (Just Close Your Eyes) is really the height of courtesy.