Sunday, October 03, 2010

Just A Joke, Sweetie!

Human Events (a wingnut paper) offers this humorous take on the Women of the DNC. Transcript by

The DNC's brand new calendar: Liberal Women Acting Liberally. The feast of wrinkled flesh begins with Miss January, Susan Estrich.

[Susan Estrich speaking: This is the kind of stuff I detest.]

Her talents include abortions and her hobbies include smoking an entire carton of Marlboro's every day. Or turn to June's pin-up babe, and treat yourself to the beastly, unshaved, Danish carnival of love Janet Reno.

[Woman: Janet Reno came to town collecting all the money.]

Her talents include being a man and one hobby she fancies is killing 76 people during the Branch-Davidian raid in Waco, Texas. Or how about the mesmerizing spiced beef of September, Diane Feinstein.

[Diane Feinstein speaking: I had a Code Pink sleep-in at my home in San Francisco]

Her talents include wearing a helmet that looks like real hair and the hobby she excels most at is smelling like wet dog. Finally, there's Miss December, Alan Colmes

[Interviewer: How many years ago was it you did gay porn?].

who has no talents, but his hobbies include showing up at Star Wars conventions, claiming he played Admiral Akbar in Return of the Jedi.

It's the Babes of the DNC gone wild! Get the new Democratic National Committee Calendar: Liberal Women Acting Liberally, just in time for Christmas.
This is a joke. If you don't find it funny you are without a sense of humor.

The justification for the joke? This:

Certain conservative women are under attack. Why is that, you ask? This election season, FRX wants you to remember that it's not simply the fact that women like Nikki Haley, Christine O'Donnell, and Sarah Palin have defeated and made a fool of moderate Republicans, Democrats, and the liberal kook media. It's not simply the fact that they are accomplished campaigners. Oh, no; in many cases, these women are despised JUST because they are HOT. And let's face it: liberal women tend to be a bunch of hideous chuds.

I find it hard to do an actual analysis of this because it's so incredibly juvenile. Beastly and unshaven? Smells like a wet dog? And adding Alan Colmes to the list of babes of the DNC?

But analyze I must. Note the initial premise: Because the extreme right-wing women are targets of sexism in the media, the proper punishment is NOT to address those who target them using sexism and misogyny, but to extend the sexist and misogynistic targeting to Democratic women in the public eye, too! Now all women are your foot rags, thank you very much.

Next, note the assumption that evaluating the external appearance of women in politics is a correct and right-wing-manly thing to do. Women in politics should be hot. They should be eye-candy. Why bother having them, otherwise? There's your basic tiny sexist trying to make this thing called thinking.

But men don't have to look good. That most men in positions of power are also fairly advanced in age and possibly carry "wrinkled flesh", too, is irrelevant, because it IS irrelevant to a sexist. Men matter as individual, women do not matter, unless they serve as masturbation aids.

You know what annoys me the most here? I could make a reversal of this calendar oh-so-easily. I could say the most disgusting stuff about Republican men in the public eye! In fact, I'm laughing even just thinking about it. But I'm trying to be a good goddess, not a demon-lady. Trying so very hard...