Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Hollaback Has A New Address

Hollaback is the website which lets women react to street harassment. Check it out.

I was surfing the net the other night and came across all sorts of really woman-hating comments in the threads at places which aren't supposed to be woman-hating (those sites exist, too, and if you are interested check out what YesMeansYes found), and it occurred to me that having a site like Hollaback, but just for those types of comments would be fantastic. People could report the comments and the name of the site which allowed them to fester in their bottom for weeks, months or forever. Over time the site would grow and grow and grow and perhaps then someone would take my concerns over this cyber-misogynism more seriously.

What do you think of that brilliant idea?
After thinking about it, I decided not to publish a sample of the comments I collected because they are awful and will make everybody who reads this feel dirty. But I will do so in the comments if my dear readers wish it.