Tuesday, June 01, 2010

When Gossip Is Not Called Gossip

Digby writes about the media reaction (yes, there actually IS a reaction) to the news that Al and Tipper Gore are separating:

Matthews: Lois [Romano, Washington Post] did this surprise you? Was this something out of nowhere?

Romano: It totally surprised me because they bought a nine million dollar house just last month for a winter vacation home. It shocked even their closest friends ...

Matthews: Where did they buy the house?

Romano: California Montecito. It's a five bedroom ocean front house. So ...

Matthews: wow. Well they're loaded right now, they're doing very well.

Romano: And they celebrated their 40th anniversary two weeks ago so no one knows where this came from.

This is gossiping, of course. But it's not called that when powerful people on television do it.

Added later: Hecate (who blogs here) just noticed something really priceless in that gossip:

Romano: You know one thing Chris to think about is that there have been two distinct phases in Al Gore's life. The first 30 years with Tipper they had a common goal, it might not have been her goal, but it was a common goal nonetheless and it was fight for the presidency.

Wonderfully funny! And really the definition of a marriage in a polite patriarchy.