Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Today's Not-So-Deep Thoughts

Newspaper articles about teenagers are always full of worry, full of the "what's the world coming to" feeling. I remember reading about the awful next generation from the old Roman era and I once read a piece from the early 1950s which described teens as unhappy and wild because their stay-at-home moms went to too many charity meetings.

So you have to take the gloom-and-doom pieces with a big pinch of salt without of course discounting the possibility that problems are real.

Now, the oil, that IS a real problem. But instead of writing about it I stick my head under the covers. There's nothing I can do at this very moment to stop the oil from gushing (it's Poseidon's job but you can understand why he is too pissed off, having to clean his beard from oil all the time).

All I can do is to keep on mumbling in this little corner of the blogosphere.