Monday, May 10, 2010

The Voice Of The Reptile Brain

I hesitated before picking that title (I always write them first and that's why they mostly don't have anything to do with the post) because it is unfair to reptiles and brains but it's hard to explain Rush Limbaugh in other ways. He's the rumble coming from somewhere in the lower body. Perhaps a stomach?

Mmm. Anyways, he has dropped two pearls from his not-so-divine lips for us to contemplate. The first one:

A summary of that can be found here.

The second pearl drops here:

It manages to slot in a quick stereotype about women, just in case Rush's listeners don't already fear and suspect anything girly.

Why do I pay attention to the Old Rumble-Belly? Because he reminds us why Kagan's nomination upsets some people who might not mind her opinions had they been presented with a lower voice. Or a less grating voice. Or something like that.