Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! (by Suzie)

By now, most of you mothers must be exhausted but satisfied that you made such a wonderful day for everyone else. All the cleaning, shopping, decorating, cooking and serving are over, but it was well worth it. No, you say?

The headline of a news release declares: "Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Recognizes Mother's Day by Unveiling Proprietary Research On Celebrations Showing That Nearly 1 in 2 Women Would Rather Host Parties Than Eat Chocolate."

Didn't it occur to anyone at Martha Stewart Living that today, of all days, you shouldn't be talking about women hosting parties? In case you're wondering about what the survey respondents said about chocolate:
44% indicate that they would sooner give up a month of chocolate than give up hosting their favorite events," said Janet Balis, MSLO's Executive Vice President, Media Sales and Marketing.
This doesn't mean that 44 percent of the women surveyed would give up chocolate to host a party. It means they'd give up chocolate to have a birthday party for their child or make Christmas festive or cook Thanksgiving dinner or celebrate some other meaningful event in their life. OK, I'm returning to my chocolate now.