Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Cause And Effect?

Res ipsa sent me this story about Las Vegas and pregnant women:

Bravado is a company that sells breastfeeding bras for ladies with breasts that are used for breastfeeding babies. But when Bravado goes out to fashion trade shows to have their pregnant lady models model the breastfeeding bras in their pregnant way, can you guess what happens? Yes, they are banned, for their own pregnant good. From a runway show! In a nightclub! At the Wynn Casino, in Las Vegas, the City of Sin!

"We did not feel it appropriate to feature a very pregnant model in a nightclub, at midnight, where alcohol was being served," Jennifer Dunne, a Wynn spokeswoman, wrote in a statement.

It is weird. As if the presence of pregnant women equals the presence of a minor child. What this is most likely all about is titillation. A show in a nightclub at midnight isn't really a fashion show at all but a soft pron kind of thing. That all that might result in the desire to have sex and this, in turn, could result in a pregnancy is why I titled this post as cause-and-effect.

Another way for this to be cause-and-effect is that the idea of breastfeeding might turn the customers off from the idea of sex, and therefore breastfeeding bras should not be modeled at that time and in that place.

A third way for there to be cause-and-effect is that one doesn't actually breastfeed while pregnant. Pregnancy is the cause of the later need for breastfeeding bras. The models probably should not be pregnant women but women who have given birth in the last year or so. Though naturally it's during the time of pregnancy that women consider which breastfeeding bra to buy.

What's odd about the quoted story is the very idea that Las Vegas, with all its semi-naked "girl" shows, suddenly goes all prudish when it comes to some possible consequences of sex.