Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blogger Has Improved Mah Blog

Probably by introducing this. Right around the 18th I started noticing that my monthly archives had gotten shorter! Many of them only had the last two weeks of posts in them, and if I Googled a particular post with its permalink I couldn't find it. Neither could I view them while editing the blog.

Here's where you start trying to find help from Blogger. This is most hilarious. I recommend that you try it one day when you have about ten years to spend on something utterly infertile. In any case, I did a little better today because a friendly soul told me about that auto-pagination thingy. It's not a solution but it's a possible cause of the problem.

I can get the disappeared posts back by turning my archives into weekly ones. Great, eh? Except for one thing: Most of the old permalinks will then be wrong, because they are based on the monthly archives. Or that's what I found when I tried using an old permalink to find a post in the new weekly archives.

For the time being, I'm keeping the archives as monthly ones. This means that some things I've linked to will not actually be found at all but at least others will be correct. I have all the archives saved but that won't help anyone else right now.

And yes, I know that I should update my blog or my template and so on. But I like writing and hate housework.
Added later: The template update is a little bit more complicated than just my laziness. I started blogging so early that there were something like five templates to pick from and Blogger had no comments. So I added various stuff and now I fear their loss and what it might mean.