Saturday, February 06, 2010

This Is Sick And Must Be Stopped by Anthony McCarthy

Yesterday in a general discussion of the weeks news on Callie Crossley’s show on February 5, she and her guests mentioned that Miley Cyrus, who I wrote about here a while back, has a younger sister, Noah, who is apparently famous at age 9 for a line of sexy lingerie and for famously pole dancing at a “stripper pole party”. Age 9. Crossley and her guests were outraged, though apparently not everyone is.

Googling to find out what this was about, I went to the site of The Insider*, which is apparently associated with CBS (so much in the news for issues related to women’s rights this week), which features photos of the incident and some comments about it. Here are a few of those.

miley is the hottest prettiest girl in da game beside taylor swift so stop haten and get it right.PEACE bitchs

what a cute little girl

she look cute

also: who the HELL names their daughter Noah? last time I checked, it's kinda a GUY name.

GAAAH!! the ugliness of Noah is OVERWHELMING. She is NOT the LEAST bit lovely... and don't judge me for it. I'm thirteen and I can call a nine-year-old ugly.

how are you about to rip on miley cyrus and her little sister if you are spending your time looking at this site and these photos... woww

How could I not have predicted that we’d get to the dodge of blaming people who go to the bother of finding out if the outrageous is really true. Of course, if you didn’t look at the disgusting images to see if it was true, they’d blame you for not looking at them. And, I imagine, somewhere you could find a stalwart, principled, free speech-free press type who would advise you that if you are revolted and disgusted by the pimping of a 9 year old girl that you should just look the other way.

This is emblematic of how bad it gets when you elevate one, very potentially lucrative, very easily corrupted, right above all others. If her parents couldn’t use their kids this way, if the media couldn’t, then I am quite confident that people would be less likely to pretend that this isn’t exactly what it is, the extension of the porn industry well down into the ages when it has become child abuse.

This must be stopped, it must be made illegal, it shouldn’t be something that CBS corp. presents to its viewers as entertainment. All of the adults involved should be indicted, the children should be in custodial care and in treatment.

In related news, the Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts, in a display of what an ass the law can truly be, has deemed that it isn’t illegal for adults to send sexually explicit text messages to 13-year-olds because it isn’t hand written.

This is what the Free Speech Industry has won for us, along with the “Citizens United” ruling. We’re all commodities now, the children too. But we’ll still be able to say whatever we want to, though, as we’ve also seen this week, only some of us will get on CBS. Without the distinction between corporations and human beings, adults and children, the First Amendment absolutists have produced anything but a great result.

* I will not give a link to child porn sites or to those that post child porn.