Monday, February 01, 2010

One Of Those Days. Or Other Stuff To Read.

This happens in blogging a lot: Some days I have nothing to write about, other days there's far too much material. Today has been one of the latter type. Here are some of the interesting pieces I'm now too tired to write about:

First, Paul Krugman talks about the beauty that is boredom in life. I have always felt that boredom is undersold. I want to live between major wars, for example, and Krugman would like to live in Canada. Ah, boredom, how do I love thee.

Second, E.J. Dionne goes on a nice tirade about Sam Alito. Well worth reading.

Third, several newspapers called the Grammy Awards "the ladies' night." Did they do the reverse those times when gentlemen walked away with most of the awards? Of course not, because we don't notice the ordinary or the commonplace, and by not noticing it we keep all that in the subconsciousness, only to let our concerns crop up when it's a ladies' night.

Finally, Ross Douthat is being silly as usual. He wants us to believe that knowing about the existence of condoms would have no effect on someone's likelihood of using one.