Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some Saturday Silliness

A book I'm reading tells me how we can re-use plastic bags, milk jugs and take-out containers to create art and furnishings for the home. I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories, even though I know that there's no way I could furnish Snakepit Inc. with used pizza cartons, and even if I could, I'd have to acquire a second lair to use them all up and even then they'd keep coming.

The same with plastic bags. But just imagine that you can iron plastic grocery bags (or carrier bags) together to create a stronger material! And then you can make lampshades out of it! Perhaps even raincoats and umbrellas? Condoms? Carports? The possibilities are endless.

I love thinking about all the creative ways of becoming greener (though not the way I actually did become greener when I had that mold attack in the kitchen). What about creating a dildo which doesn't use any batteries? You could buy up old rotary eggbeaters and attach some sort of a furry finger to the end. Just turn the handle and sing happily!

There are other ways of greening love. For instance, if you happen to have a boyfriend/spouse/lover with hairy legs you could shave him/her every spring, like some people do with their dogs, and then you could save the leg-hair until there's enough to be carded and turned into skeins. Then you could knit him/her Valentine socks! Out of their own leg-hair! So warm and so very right.

And naturally you could do the same with your own leg-hair or armpit hair or beard. There might be enough for a cute little hat or something, if you live a very long time, even if you are skimpily furred. Remember that Victorian hair jewelry for grieving? We could expand on that field, too...

There's something wrong with my sense of what is funny.
Picture is of a sock I knitted. I knitted the other one, too, but it's not shown here. They are twin socks, so there's no point showing both of them.