Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Recipe Post

I decided that I deserve a break tonight so I'm going to write about omelets. Or rather, you are going to tell me how you make one of those instead of scrambled eggs, because I get the latter almost every time I aim for the former. Sometimes I get a crepe instead, which is not too bad. But an omelet is supposed to be all in one piece, right?, and fluffy and moist inside and so on. Not something like scrambled eggs or a very dark crepe.

You could also tell me what fillings make one of those into a full-and-balanced (NOT fair-and-balanced) meal. Or what you like to put in your omelets, if anything but air.

All this is very odd, because I actually make a mean souffle. It's not really worth making, given the time ratio of preparation to eating, and it still tastes like scrambled eggs. But I can make those. Not sure if I could actually end up with scrambled eggs should I ever try to make that recipe instead of those omelets.