Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Back. By Echidne

I returned last night to a loaf of bread in the kitchen. It's astonishing what a forgotten end of bread can do if you leave the kitchen windows ajar and if it's your average humid and hot August. Gives me hope for us weak-and-feared feminists, it does.

The mold had spread into all the rubber seals in the doors of the fridge and the freezer. Beautiful colors! Otherworldly. I was far too tired to do anything about them then and I still face that. Thinking of throwing the fridge out.

In fact, I'd love to throw the whole house out. Nothing like seeing beautiful Nordic design for four weeks to make you feel disgruntled with Snakepit Inc. So.

My deepest and most sincere thanks to Suzie, res ipsa, Hecate, Prometheus6, Xan, Liz and Skylanda. They kept the blog going, taught us something and didn't let anyone's brainz atrophy. Despite what George Bush did to the phrase, blogging is indeed hard work! And so I humbly thank all who were willing to step in.