Monday, July 13, 2009

The Wild, Wild West of the Web

It's a place where guys in cowboy hats twirl their guns and shit, right? Or a place where nobody knows you're a dog or a giraffe or a minor snake goddess. Everybody is totally equal! Totally. Except, of course, in what they get offered to look at:

This is what I found on the front page of Huffington Post. The story linked to this picture was ranked the most viewed on the site, though if you clicked on the link attached to the pictures you could also vote on men in skimpy clothing. But that's just to make it look gender-neutral which it is not. After all, the semi-nekked guys don't get to be on the front page.

Huffington Post wants to make money and advertising money is in clicks. And what gets clicked is bodies of chicks. By dicks? I'm getting carried away here, but let me just add that I would have thought Huffington Post has female readers, too. I guess their clicks don't have the power.