Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Pat Buchanan is making it so very obvious that you can say anything at all if you are a conservative dude in this country. For instance:

What they must do is expose Sotomayor, as they did not in the case of Ginsburg, as a political activist whose career bespeaks a lifelong resolve to discriminate against white males to the degree necessary to bring about an equality of rewards in society.

Sonia is, first and foremost, a Latina. She has not hesitated to demand, even in college and law school, ethnic and gender preferences for her own. Her concept of justice is race-based.

Verry interesting. So Pat thinks that justice is a zero-sum game and that in the absence of discrimination against white men they'd be naturally on top everywhere in the society. What with being much smarter and worthier than the rest of us.

I wonder if Pat remembers those times when being black and/or female got you locked out of lots of universities? It's not that long ago, and it certainly helped in making certain that 'white males' are the group from which most of the powerful are drawn. That does not mean that all white males are in power.

But what I found even more interesting is the way the post I linked to discusses Pat's comments: The bit about Justice Ginsburg is simply ignored and the rest of the post talks about race. That Buchanan addressed his barbed comment to women, first, somehow disappeared.